What is JH Termite Barrier?

JH Termite Barrier is a deltamethrin impregnated geosynthetic blanket laminated top and bottom with a high impact polyurethane membrane. This makes it a powerful chemical and physical termite protection barrier against subterranean termites trying to make a concealed entry into your home.

What is deltamethrin?

Deltamethrin is an Eco Specified occurring insecticide belonging to the synthetic pyrethroid class of insecticides. It is well known for its low toxicity and powerful effectiveness against subterranean termites. Because it is contained within the JH Termite Barrier there is minimum possibility of it affecting the soil or other organisms other than subterranean termites that try to make concealed entry into your home.

How does JH Termite Barrier work?

The deltamethrin contained within the JH Termite Barrier repels and kills subterranean termites when coming into contact with the barrier and your home. The tough physical barrier makes it impossible for termites to penetrate. The barrier has been designed to last for at least 50 years, environmentally sound and gives you the peace of mind because of its reliability and proven technology. It is also moisture proof if it is installed under the concrete platform.

How do I know the JH Termite Barrier is safe for me and my family?

The JH Termite Barrier is registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA Approval No: 69617) to be used as a termite barrier. The APVMA registers products that are proven by standard tests to have no carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, neurotoxic or reproductive effects. The active ingredient to repel and kill subterranean termites is contained within the geosynthetic blanket that is designed to be positioned into the matrix of the building structure of the house, eliminating the potential contact with you, your family and pets.